Statute and rules

§ 1 Name, Headquarters, Financial year
1. The Association is not a legally responsible Association and
bears the name
ffa, Specialist lawyers forum labour law.
2. The Association is based in Hannover, Germany.
3. Business year is the calender year.

§ 2 Aims of the Association
The Association supports and promotes acquired economic
activities, interests and ideas from specialist lawyers of labour
This takes place especially through:
• Discussions and Information about professional-political
questions and developments;
• Promotion and support of the further training and
communication between the members of the Association.
The Association can engage other institutes for the transaction
and organization.

§ 3 To acquire membership
Membership can only be acquired and offered through the
Association’s Board of Directors. A unanimous decision is
necessary. The Board’s decision is confidential and is not
explanatory. There can be no claim to admission.

§ 4 End of membership
1. Membership ends through death, resignation, exclusion or
through loss of the lawyer’s licence to practice.
2. Resignation has to be submitted to the Board of Directors in
written form.A period of notice of 6 months to the end of the
calender year has to be kept.
3. Should a member be absent from functions and meetings of
the Association three times in a row, he/she will lose his/her
membership automatically.
4. Loss of membership is possible by being arrears in
membership contribution for longer than a year.

§ 5 Membership contribution
1. The annual contribution has to be paid in advance. The
contribution amount is decided and declared after counting
the votes given by the majority at the membership assembly.
2. The membership assembly can, with the majority of the votes present, decide on a raise of admission charge.

3. The members are duty-bound, to make extraordinary
contribution in the form of levies, should it be required and
necessary, to cover special expenditures for the Association’s
purposes, should this be decided and voted for by the majority
at the members assembly.
4. The Board of Directors has the right to engage the services of a third person for the realization of the Association’s aims,
and accordingly use membership contribution as required.
5. The membership assembly can decide that contributions be
paid exclusively and directly to an appointed third person.

§ 6 Executive Body of the Association
The executive authorities of the Association are:
a) The Board of Directors
b) The Assembly of Members

§ 7 The Board of Directors
1. The Board of Directors of the Association consists at least of
5 members. The Board elects the chairperson and the deputy.
The rest of the duties are shared among themselves.
2. The Board of Directors are elected by the members present at the assembly. Reelection is possible. The period of office is 2 years. The Board holds office till new elections.
3. The Board of Directors take decision through vote of the majority.

§ 8 Assembly of Members
The assembly meetings are called up from the chairperson of the Board of Directors every second business year, giving notice of 6 weeks atleast, informing the members of the assembly venue, the date ,time and agenda of the day. Applications from members are to be set in the agenda, should they be submitted to the Board 21 days, at the latest, before the meeting and which have been supported from atleast 10 other members. The Board has to inform the other members about these applications at least 7 days before the meeting, the date of dispatch is decisive.
The Board can call on an extraordinary meeting and likewise inform the members.
The duties of the assembly are the decisions about:
• tthe relief of load from the Board;
• the election of the Board;
• the annual contribution;
• the changes in the statute and rules;
• the dissolution of the Association.